Code of Ordinances    Zoning Ordinance    Subdivisions Regulations    Budget Ordinance

Code of Ordinances

Cover / Table of Contents TOLOrd01CoverTOC.pdf   [425k]
Charter TOLOrd02Charter.pdf  [110k]
Title I – General Provisions TOLOrd03TitleIGeneralProvisions.pdf   [211k]
Title III – Administration TOLOrd04TitleIIIAdministration.pdf   [355k]
Title V Chapter 50 – Water and Sewer TOLOrd05TitleVCh50WaterSewer.pdf  [2033k]
Title V Chapter 51 – Water Shortage Response TOLOrd06TitleVCh51WaterShortageResponse.pdf   [730k]
Title V Chapter 52 – Garbage and Refuse TOLOrd07TitleVCh52GarbageRefuse .pdf   [49k]
Title VII – Traffic Code TOLOrd08TitleVIITrafficCode.pdf   [582k]
Title IX – General Regulations TOLOrd09TitleIXGeneralRegulations.pdf   [1070k]
TOLOrd09TitleIXGeneralRegulationsRevised1.pdf  [12k]
(revision to page 16, adopted 4/06/2015)
Title XI – Business Regulations TOLOrd10TitleXIBusinessRegulations.pdf   [273k]
Title XIII – General Offenses TOLOrd11TitleXIIIGeneralOffenses.pdf   [203k]
Title XV – Land Usage TOLOrd12TitleXVLandUsage.pdf   [1538k]
Special Ordinances TOLOrd13SpecialOrdinances.pdf   [17k]
Parallel References TOLOrd14ParallelReferences.pdf   [133k]
Index TOLOrd15Index.pdf   [273k]
Code of Ordinances: compilation of all 15 sections above TOLOrd99CodeofOrdinances.pdf   [7914k]
TOLOrd09TitleIXGeneralRegulationsRevised1.pdf  [12k]
(revision to page 16 of Title IX, adopted 4/06/2015)


Zoning Ordinance

Cover / Table of Contents TOLZOrd01TOC.pdf  [21k]
Article I – Introductory Provisions TOLZOrd11ArticleIIntroductoryProvisions.pdf  [122k]
Article II – General Provisions TOLZOrd12ArticleIIGeneralProvisions.pdf  [1484k]
Article III – District Regulations TOLZOrd13ArticleIIIDistrictRegulations.pdf  [870k]
Article IV – Parking and Loading Requirements TOLZOrd14ArticleIVParkingLoadingReq.pdf  [862k]
Article V – Signs TOLZOrd15ArticleVSigns.pdf  [815k]
Article VI – Mobile Homes TOLZOrd16ArticleVIMobileHomes.pdf  [71k]
Article VII – Administrative Provisions TOLZOrd17ArticleVIIAdminProvisions.pdf  [3226k]
Article VIII – Amendments TOLZOrd18ArticleVIIIAmendments.pdf  [153k]
Article IX – Legal Status Provisions TOLZOrd19ArticleIXLegalStatusProvisions.pdf  [182k]
Article X – Definitions TOLZOrd20ArticleXDefinitions.pdf  [877k]
Miscellaneous Ordinances, Resolutions, Appointments, etc. TOLZOrd30Miscellaneous.pdf  [1385k]
Zoning Ordinance: compilation of all 12 sections above TOLZOrd90Complete.pdf  [10048k]


Subdivisions Regulations

Table of Contents TOLSubDReg01TOC.pdf  [229k]
Article I – Introductory Provisions TOLSubDReg11ArticleIIntroductoryProvisions.pdf  [266k]
Article II – Legal Provisions TOLSubDReg12ArticleIILegalProvisions.pdf  [450k]
Article III – Procedure for Review and Approval of Subdivision Plats TOLSubDReg13ArticleIIIProcedureForReview.pdf  [2760k]
Article IV – Required Improvements, Dedication, Reservation, Minimum Standards of Design TOLSubDReg14ArticleIVRequiredImprovments.pdf  [2054k]
Article V – Definitions TOLSubDReg15ArticleVDefinitions.pdf  [691k]
Subdivisions Regulations: compilation of all 6 sections above TOLSubDReg90Complete.pdf  [6437k]


Budget Ordinance

2016-17 Budget Ordinance
2015-16 Budget Ordinance
2014-15 Budget Ordinance
2013-14 Budget Ordinance

Crepe Myrtles on Main Street

Crepe Myrtles on Main Street

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