Government / Town Board

The Town of Littleton is a Mayor/Council form of municipal government. The Town Board is composed of five Commissioners and the Mayor. Commissioners are elected every four years for staggered terms, and a Mayor is elected every four years. The Town Board is the governing body for the town.

The Town Board meets the second Monday of every month at 6:30pm in Town Hall, at 112 E. South Main Street, unless otherwise specified on the published calendar. All meetings are open to the public. To speak during the Public Comment period, you must sign up no later than Thursday before the meeting.

View the Town Charter here
View the Town Ordinances here
View the current Budget Ordinance here

Current Town Board:

Heidi G. Hogan – Mayor
Mattie Tyner – Street Commissioner
Ophelia Gould-Faison – Water/Sewer Commissioner
Clyde Johnston – Finance Commissioner
Jim Skilton – Cemetery/Park Commissioner
D. Lynn Moseley, – Police Commissioner

Main Street in the 60s

Main Street in the 60s

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